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The company is also allegedly negotiating with other car companies, and encouraging them to use its autonomous car system.

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"But what is worth discussing is ..

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Williams slogged through a rough 2014-15 season in Brooklyn, averaging just 13.3 points and 6.6 assists while shooting a career-low 39%.

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But under Simeone at Atlético, Diego Costa was one of the most feared strikers in Europe

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You’re a soldier and you put that uniform on and you go.”

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A newly released recording from a police sergeant's belt tape suggests New Mexico Gov

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this car’s poor ferformance brings shame to the GT-R’s namesake, in fact, it doesn’t have the right to be called a GT-R

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Jack Nicolet has been begging to become another manufacturer’s version of Reinhold Joest for over half a decade now

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Facebook postings on Tuesday by Vorderbruggen's loved ones mourned her death and offered condolences to her wife, Heather, and their son, Jacob

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It means they have more to spend on other goods and services, some of which will be produced by businesses in the same country.

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Just off Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, Petit Ermitage boutique hotel in Los Angeles brings bohemian romance to a sojourn in LA

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The admission during testimony in a civil case brought by a former Temple University employee, Andrea Constand, who alleged that Cosby tricked her into taking drugs before he sexually assaulted her

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Their profile sounds familiar on the increasingly mean streets of Jesus’s birthplace

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Arnold added that the company thinks the illnesses are connected to the larger, previously reported outbreak.

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The yearly review is meant to independently grade countries on trafficking and forced labor.

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He has been named as Tian Zeming, a migrant worker from Chongqing in south-western China.

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Separate data on Tuesday showed U.S

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This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only

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Holloway, 24, who was arrested after the incident on Sunday, has been charged with one count of murder through use of a deadly weapon in the death of a 32-year-old Arizona woman who was in the crowd.

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Plus: Northern Powerhouse funding, review of the year, Hull and the Humber special, 18 years of dealmaking.

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A court record claimed no one checked on the toddler until Sunday at 11 a.m

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Instead, she is forcibly removed and put in cuffs," Parks said

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In 1998, Lipinski won the ladies' singles Olympic gold medal in figure skating at the XVIII Winter Olympics in Japan

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Orbiting now about 240 miles above the exotic terrain of rock and ice, Dawn is closer to Ceres than the International Space Station is to Earth.

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Both lost ground to two newcomers, the liberal Ciudadanos and left-wing Podemos.

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New Zealand Justice Minister Amy Adams is required to sign-off on any extraditions

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Then I give him the old doctor’s remedy

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