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This could have easily led to loss of life."
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I can only apologise on behalf of the hundreds of volunteers who genuinely answer the phones to help people
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The mayor is on family vacation in Cuba, but has repeatedly said he has no intention of resigning
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15 flight to Los Angeles from London's Gatwick Airport.
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Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit sided with an Asian-American rock band called The Slants, which has spent years trying to register the name
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The Office of Science is the single largest supporter of basic research in the physical sciences in the United States, and is working to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time
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“The lines,” Seinfeld gushed, as if describing the Ark of the Covenant
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Obviously we would love to help people lose weight in other ways, through exercise and healthy diets, but that's difficult
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That is hardly surprising, and underscores the importance of SMEs using government and other networks to help them build an export market.
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Patients must have tried and failed to achieve clinically beneficial weight loss by all other appropriate non-surgical methods and be fit for surgery.
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"He said that Sukha died for us, we will bury him," Ms Basu said
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It was the 1950s, and the earliest Mass then was at 5 a.m
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A federal court has ruled that the potential damages from the disaster could be about 20.2bn reais ($5.2bn; 3.4bn)
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I didn't know if I could do both
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Free Basics allows subscribers with supported carriers to visit certain websites without having to pay for data use
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"But if diagnosed early and managed correctly with the right treatment and lifestyle changes, it is manageable
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Christina Brown's body was discovered on 20 January 1996
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She repeatedly spoke of "fibrocystic disease", indicating that her doctor at home had often reassured her that this was the cause of an initial lump.
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The 24-year-old died the day after he was shot by police responding to an assault complaint.
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The crew would get a twilight shot of the car along the Potomac, but he headed back for room service at his hotel, where he would continue to pace and prepare
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Burns, who came in second in the league with 138 shots on net, started the comeback just 57 seconds later on his first shot against Quick
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”I want to give them my all.”
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"If your child refuses to stay in bed, try to avoid giving extra attention for bad behaviour
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"What this signals is that race doesn't necessarily have to be the defining characteristic of a human being
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The inmate, LC Jackson, “consistently stated that he could not believe it when he heard that Mr
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The lights would be on but there would be nobody home
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(NYSE:FDX) during the third quarter, according to its most recent Form 13F filing with the SEC
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14, 2015, file photo, New Mexico Gov
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He had missed even missed three in a row
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Drivers take part in a demolition derby organised by the Malta Motor Sports Association to raise funds for charity in Ta' Qali, outside Valletta, Malta, December 20, 2015
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