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economy continues to be mostly dependent on the strength of consumer spending while exports and the industrial sector have slackened

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29 under a law that overhauled domestic surveillance practices

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Matt Harvey navigated through innings-limit drama in his return from Tommy John surgery to propel the Mets to the World Series

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A short Armistice Day commemoration will take place in Pocklington at the World War One memorial near the Post Office at 11am on Wednesday (11 November)

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"Both hay fever and asthma can be triggered by an allergic reaction and many of the same allergens are known to trigger both conditions

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They’ll return him the next day with a request for negotiating their return to Iraq, if only we take him back," Baratz wrote.

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At the same time and Muslim minorities have been targeted, particularly in Rakhine state.

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The company had earlierappointed General Counsel Brett Hart as acting CEO and said itsboard had been preparing for "all potential outcomes" resultingfrom Munoz's hospitalization on Oct

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Patrick Hannan, the campaign's spokesman, showed me rooms with people hitting the phones, in four different languages, to get people voting

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Rhino horn can be a symbol of their status or power, and they can also receive it as a bribe

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One third of its 21 members are being investigated foralleged crimes - from electoral and tax fraud to moneylaundering, according to the Estado de S

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Only four other Shadow Cabinet members have backed Mr Corbyn’s unilateralist stance but it was endorsed on 1 Novemberby the Scottish Labour Party.

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In fact, almost half of the studies reviewed revealed very limited knowledge of the illness

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No one was injured in the blast, but the $200 million mission and the Wallops Island launch complex were ruined.

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“I’m not a programmer,” he begins, explaining some of the frustrations of his former workplace, before correcting himself, “—oh, engineer, in tech-bro speak

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Angie started losing motor coordination of her four limbs; her breathing was getting progressively worse

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The winger is clear down the right wing, where he has spent most of the night, and is given time to shoot but it is easily saved byRyzhikov.

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Three months later, it remains at bay.

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Once we were through, my exact words to my husband were that I hoped nobody on our flight has a bomb today."

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A total of 9,787 incidents were reported by maternity services in 2014, 75 of which were extremely severe.

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But the number of medical malpractice claims at the 11 flagship hospitals increased to 521 in fiscal year 2015 from 495 in fiscal year 2013.

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Erie County District Attorney Frank Sedita said a three-month investigation found that physical and forensic evidence ''tend to contradict'' the accuser's claim that she was raped on Aug

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These folks ate more fast food and fewer fruits and vegetables, the study revealed.

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That sunny July afternoon, I spoke with more than a dozen of the project's key players

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It’s a beautiful thing.”

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“In Europe, it would be a dead certainty that they have products that have emerged from the black market.”

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If you are happy to be contacted by a BBC journalist please leave a telephone number that we can contact you on

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With oil prices having plunged 60 percent from their peak in June 2014, revenues for energy companies have fallen, giving them less money to pay interest on loans

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