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As part of its pre-budget submission, the ASI commissioned an expert policy paper on home care versus long-term residential care

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"As a society, we seem not to value supporting our mental health as much as other developed countries, with less of our budget being allocated in this direction

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The most vociferous critics of missions like Tim's say that microgravity research largely helps further human space flight rather than endeavours on the ground.

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local time, when military engineers installed a temporary bridge over the Euphrates River, according to Sabah al-Numani, head of the government’s counterterrorism forces

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Yes, it's a brutal indictment of football and its unspoken human cost

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She intends to write to Smallheath, which is run by Birmingham city council, to ask it to enforce the use of safety cords which

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Bradley Cooper plays the QVC executive who backs Joy, then becomes her business adversary

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The new devices have a feature called Balance, which keeps corporate and personal data separate

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I understand where the comments about discounting come from, but it's very simple that it's all to do with the weather

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“We’re gonna have Klein and Girardi back, which is a big part of our team, two really good defenders, two guys that play a lot of minutes.”

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Beijing's Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center said the overall air quality was at 104

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Hinson had planned to stay overnight at her friend’s house after the party, but changed her mind for reasons that remain unknown, according to her family

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Norway is one of the world's most prosperous nations with per capital GDP in excess of $100,000 but the fortunes of remote Lofoten, 1,000 kilometres (600 miles) north of Oslo, have been mixed

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I think if I were put in that situation I would snap to

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At this stage, details of any injuries are unclear

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Mr Pratt said: "The vehicle was reversed at speed when it struck Lamar Taylor and Melanie Dolby, and the damage to the nearside rear of the Mondeo was consistent with a substantial collision

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Its surface area is more than a third of the area of the continental US

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"The recent Triumph incident affects all of us," said Christine Duffy, president and chief executive of CLIA, which represents 58 cruise lines worldwide

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Mers-coronavirus infection of humans was first described in Saudi Arabia in 2012

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The move marks a “ridiculous” effort to counter the enforcement of the damages in U.S

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The Castros established a revolutionary socialist state with close ties to the Soviet Union.

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And it would be unfair not to mention Eric Potts as well, who writes most of the scripts for First Family Entertainment but is also one of their dames.

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But while China's slowdown will have negative consequences for some countries, it is also creating opportunities for others

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"This is both totally rational and necessary

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Their arrival on streaming services comes as consumption on those platforms starts to overtake digital downloads as a source of income for the music industry

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On her Facebook page, however, she made several posts asking people to pray for her cousin

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The companies' assets were frozen amid concerns that Samarco does not have enough resources to cover the cost of damages and compensation.

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The Sharks' captain put them ahead for the first time with 12:22 remaining, converting Thornton's pass from behind the net while Milan Lucic was off for slashing.

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crude briefly rises to premium over Brent as exports loom

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"The insurgents' mission is to convince the people that you're up against to go away and leave you alone."

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benchmark West Texas Intermediateprice drop to a discount of between $4-$6 a barrel to MiddleEast benchmark Dubai, the statement said, citing the refineries.

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Facewatch's Simon Gordon knows about the work, but says computers will be more useful in live settings; a bar could hardly pay a super-recogniser to sit by the door all day

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We will make them as carefully and consistently as we can

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