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This new form of tenofovir provides lower levels of drug in the bloodstream, but higher levels within the cells where HIV-1 replicates," FDA said in a statement.

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shows that there is organisation to the design, with two groups of lines, one set straight and made with a fine tool, and another more curved and often broader.

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According to German researchers, people who have suffered a heart attack are often concerned that sexual activity will trigger another attack

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There is no plan, however, to take any punitive actionagainst the seed companies over the pest attacks.

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Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions.

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Despite conservatives' belief that this represents a turn against the welfare state, however, the right-wing parties in Europe have turned out to be just as anti-austerity as the left-wing parties

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He had a broken childhood and a tough upbringing

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Atleast some borrowers will struggle to repay their obligations,and will have to reorganize, or go under, analysts said.

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The researchers first pinpointed the enzyme in a common laboratory fish called the zebrafish, then found it in bullfrogs

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It dries very quickly and when we remove the mould, we have a horn which is the same colour, shape and size as the original.

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The proceeds of the raffles help to offset the cost of the event

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Her dress is by Philip Armstrong, a Liverpool-based label that has been worn by everyone from Danielle Lloyd to Lady Gaga

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Weakness in REITs was particularly pronounced in August, just ahead of the September FOMC meeting, when a rate hike was widely anticipated

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Carson projected confidence when it came to his chances in 2016

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"Yes, doctors are afraid of lawsuits, but they’re also afraid of looking bad," said Waxman, who has researched defensive medicine but was not involved in the new study

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Hernandez was doing well in school in Ohio and was applying to several colleges, but there was an issue with his Social Security number, according to police in Vestavia Hills, near Birmingham

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