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“Nobody said this job is supposed to be easy,” Russell tells Jackson

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Operating at 120 frames per second, the software - which is open-source and available online - extracts depth information at a speed of 8.3 milliseconds per frame.

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They said the firm had failed to inform them such devices was fitted in large 3.0 liter engines used in luxury sport utility vehicles

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"Some people really enjoy the buzz

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A laser fibre is then used to find and remove the abnormal blood vessels between the babies.

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Maybe it would have been better if the Houses of Parliament had been blown up ..

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We probably don’t even watch the same TV programmes, now that streaming has made it possible to personalise our viewing habits

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The investigation of the company, according to a personfamiliar with the matter, focuses on whether ExxonMobil withheld what it knew about climate change from investors and consumers

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She will be talking about harvesting and utilizing beeswax

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The actress's husband, Brad Pitt — who doubles as her on-screen husband in "By the Sea" — has gushed about his wife's brave decision to publicly discuss her mastectomy and ovary removal.

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"His counselor found that out and the school notified authorities and it went from there."

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(AP) — The largest movement of Judaism in the U.S

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Baratz appeared to concur, writing: "I said that way before she did, but it's good when practical people confirm the observations of theoreticians"

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He never actually said there was a racing certainty of rates rising.

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The group lured victims who were estranged from their families by offering them a place to live, the statement said

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With 170,115 average issue readers, this reach extends to 366,753 weekly readers — that’s over 1/4 of adults in the area

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At least 20 people were killed when the building came down overnight, and more than 200 workers were believed to be inside the building at the time

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Not only must we have answers, but we also must have consequences for the horror that was visited upon these brave women and men who are doing some of the most important work in the world.

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By investing in children and young people we will be developing healthier, happier and more productive adults for all our tomorrows - and saving money in the process," he commented.

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You can’t run a business in 2015 the way you ran it in 1975—especially when it didn’t run that well back then, either

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“He gained his wings and flew away to be with the lord."

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The result, she discovered, was akin to a burrito, so she went into the burrito business - very successfully

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The tech also offers battery-saving potential

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Pneumococcal disease is caused by a common bacterium, Streptococcus pneumoniae, which can attack different parts of the body


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The government contract was completed this week

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This poses an immediate problem for patients who are allergic to penicillin, but it's worrisome for other patients as well

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"In a big park like Kruger Park where they've got thousands of rhino, the killing would not stop immediately

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But his applications bounced back — the schools said his name and social security numbers didn’t match up

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The results of the polling in the U.S

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She stormed off of the set, shouting "I can't work like this" and her co-presenter turned to the camera, telling the audience: "Excuse me, but my colleague is a bit hormonal."

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"One of the most striking things that we found is that women's beliefs about smoking are a major barrier to remaining smoke free

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As head of public diplomacy and media, Baratz, a 42-year-old philosophy lecturer, will be tasked with improving Israel's reputation in the world

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When I played for the club we would always press teams as soon as they got into our half and our mantra was: the better the player, the tighter you get.