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Thechances for a December rate hike are now perceived as higherthan 50 percent after Yellen laid out what appeared to be thebase case at the U.S
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But when the marketplace in question is the stock market, allegiances can flip in a heartbeat when one stock outperforms another
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"It would mean that they've taken out a huge number of civilians at once, and struck a blow against two of their enemies at once, Russia and Egypt."
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The notification starts a 90-day clock before his signature triggers the next step in a process of seeking final congressional approval for the deal
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"The ads focused exclusively on the bathroom issue even though the law had nothing to do with that," he told viewers
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On Thursday, the ace was named the National League Comeback Player of the Year.
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This is not a consumer product; Lytro hasn't announced pricing, but it said the targeted market is studios and video professionals
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Panera also says 100 percent of its roasted turkey in sandwiches and salads will be raised without antibiotics by the end of this year
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It doesn't quite match the aluminium in colour but - as with the top strip - hides antennae
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"We know that cash is still the dominant payment option for millions around the world, especially in emerging markets and smaller cities," an Uber spokesperson told CNNMoney
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At the moment, however, setup and management of Circle's settings requires an iOS device running iOS 8 or later.
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“Just having [Nadella] talk about what he wants to do with Microsoft over the next 10, 15 years, that got people excited.”
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Pew also found majority support for the idea that rich countries should make a greater effort than poor ones to reduce emissions to slow global warming
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The birds were apparently taking advantage of the abundant food available in British gardens.
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Interest-rate sensitive sector utilities were the next weakest sector, followed by healthcarestocks.
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The RBI is not statutorily independent from thegovernment, although its central bankers enjoy broad autonomy.
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Carson projected confidence when it came to his chances in 2016
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Fran Tarkenton, the quarterback on Georgia's 1959 SEC Championship team who went on to a Hall of Fame career in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings, is not afraid to speak his mind about his Bulldogs
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Bitcoin is used as a vehicle for moving money around theworld quickly and anonymously via the web without the need forthird-party verification
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Caught while checking on the stored powder hours before the plot was due to be set in motion, Fawkes was arrested, tortured into revealing the names of his co-conspirators, and subsequently executed.
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Terraces had also been created so that people could look down onto the animals but it made many of them nervous.
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The recall actions were part of a costly deal with safety regulators to settle allegations of misconduct in 23 recalls covering more than 11 million vehicles
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“Nobody said this job is supposed to be easy,” Russell tells Jackson
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Now, while the Priv appears to have a better main camera due to the 2 extra megapixels, keep in mind that MPs are not the only factor that makes the difference when taking a crystal clear picture
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On its website, the Waxman Leavell agency trumpets Trump’s book with this description: “Look at the state of the world right now
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Maybe it would have been better if the Houses of Parliament had been blown up ..
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We probably don’t even watch the same TV programmes, now that streaming has made it possible to personalise our viewing habits
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rival Iron Mountain Inc may hurt competition, drive up prices and lower customerservice.
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The actress's husband, Brad Pitt — who doubles as her on-screen husband in "By the Sea" — has gushed about his wife's brave decision to publicly discuss her mastectomy and ovary removal.
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The circumstances surrounding Green’s trip to the hospital were a mystery
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In addition, owners of more than a million older Jeeps with vulnerable rear-mounted gas tanks will be able to trade them in or be paid by Chrysler to have the vehicles repaired.
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They said the firm had failed to inform them such devices was fitted in large 3.0 liter engines used in luxury sport utility vehicles
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The group lured victims who were estranged from their families by offering them a place to live, the statement said
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The Labour leader has begun a series of one-to-one meetings with his backbenchers after coming in for criticism at the PLP’s weekly meetings
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By investing in children and young people we will be developing healthier, happier and more productive adults for all our tomorrows - and saving money in the process," he commented.
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The result, she discovered, was akin to a burrito, so she went into the burrito business - very successfully
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"The yeti had broken the bamboo trees, folded them into a semi-circular shape, with the two edges of the bamboo in the ground
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“It falls outside of TPP, and it fails to include dispute settlement mechanisms to ensure global rules prohibiting currency manipulation are enforced.”
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This poses an immediate problem for patients who are allergic to penicillin, but it's worrisome for other patients as well
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Aides to Cunha, meanwhile, said the speaker is confident he has enough support on the committee to avoid an unfavorable ruling.
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She stormed off of the set, shouting "I can't work like this" and her co-presenter turned to the camera, telling the audience: "Excuse me, but my colleague is a bit hormonal."
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When I played for the club we would always press teams as soon as they got into our half and our mantra was: the better the player, the tighter you get.