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"Part of the Lord Speaker's role is to represent the House at international conferences and foreign parliaments

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The dismal weather conditions worsened over the course of the game, as a downpour began midway through the third quarter and continued on and off into the fourth

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2016 may be the beginning of the end for many.

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Lawyers expect more bankruptcies unless crude pricesrecovers

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"If anything, it's trying to always be able to overcome the obstacles to continue to be that successful

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Aspirin has a well-documented ability to reduce platelet clotting

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During this period of half a minute, I became aware that I was sitting in a room full of people cheering about the idea of my death, or the death of someone in my profession

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Federal Bureau ofInvestigation and shut down his popular file-sharing website,Megaupload.

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SMU outrebounded the Golden Flashes 40-30.

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So far, the retailer is “on track” to meet its profit and comparable-sales expectations, Martinez said in the statement today

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Taking its iconic inspiration to the present day, the ”Jackie’ shoulder bag joins timeless notes with the classic piston closure and versatile modern design

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And he’s made the most of it

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“I think from a coaching standpoint we made it very clear this morning what we needed to do execution and system wise against Anaheim

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(Trud, Standart, Sega, Capital Daily)

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(AP) — Bryn Forbes scored a career-high 32 points and No

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I still don't see the point of it," Hengel told The Associated Press on Tuesday, adding that he had not talked with anybody from the Adelson family or Schroeder

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Summers went from 6.4 percent in October to 5.8 percent in November

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