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He added that the airline, Norwegian Air, had refused to refund the cost of the trip, which totaled more than $13,000.

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“What’s happening is they managed to screw it up in all the firmware, such that the ANSI code is there but it’s never used,” Weinmann told WIRED

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This is the biggest threat the world faces at this moment and we need more than bombs to redirect history.

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You can also click on the video camera icon in the top left corner to center the map around Santa’s current location:

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T-Mobile says that allows customers to watch up to three times as much YouTube, Facebook and Amazon video, even though they aren’t part of Binge On.

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It seems all the famous faces are out in Barbados to celebrate Christmas including Simon Cowell, Lauren Silverman and their baby Eric

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"If your child refuses to stay in bed, try to avoid giving extra attention for bad behaviour

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Symptoms are alleviated by medication that is usually delivered through inhaler devices.

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"Industry must learn from this, it is an important reminder of the ever-present hazards with oil and gas production and the need for them to be rigorously managed

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Stoke is always excellent as well

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"Asthma affects one in five children so every classroom will have at least one child with asthma

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The relatives also questioned when they might ever see resolution, with the proceedings dragging on 14 years after the attacks amid predictions a trial may not start until 2020

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Dawn’s pictures to date have been more than 200 times sharper than Hubble’s

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Leather always adds a touch of luxury and of course at this time of year, we're all about the knitwear.

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I'm working on a new show for next year, brand new

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The 3.9 percent annual growth in the April-June quarter followed a barely discernible 0.6 percent increase in the January-March quarter

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This rule won't limit the lawful operations of companies, does not provide a 'back door' and will affect neither the firms' intellectual property nor Internet users' freedom of speech."

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Incalculable amounts of it belong to Israel.”

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But we now know it failed to do that

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Drivers take part in a demolition derby organised by the Malta Motor Sports Association to raise funds for charity in Ta' Qali, outside Valletta, Malta, December 20, 2015

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He also happens to be the manager of a Delaware company formed to facilitate the purchase of the Review-Journal for the Adelsons

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He has a win percentage of 63.27.

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The HTC One M9 of course, happens to be this year’s flagship smartphone from the Taiwanese vendor, and was announced back in March

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Dr Oken and Prof Turner made their comments at the annual First 1000 Days seminar, in association with the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute (INDI)

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The service will include an informatl timie of music and scripture, reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas

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A beautiful view of Ceres’ craters in the area known as Gerber Catena was one of several images taken with Dawn’s backup framing camera on Dec

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Many worry who will care for the rest of China's elderly, currently numbering 220 million

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Plus: Northern Powerhouse funding, review of the year, Hull and the Humber special, 18 years of dealmaking.

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Only five participants stopped taking the solution due to side effects, however.

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22, 2015, shedding more light on the Dec

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Shell estimated that the long-term oil price needed for the deal to break even is in the low-$60s-a-barrel range

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All Android phones have the added advantage of showing the clock even when they are being charged

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