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But while China's slowdown will have negative consequences for some countries, it is also creating opportunities for others

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"This is both totally rational and necessary

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Their arrival on streaming services comes as consumption on those platforms starts to overtake digital downloads as a source of income for the music industry

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On her Facebook page, however, she made several posts asking people to pray for her cousin

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The companies' assets were frozen amid concerns that Samarco does not have enough resources to cover the cost of damages and compensation.

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The Sharks' captain put them ahead for the first time with 12:22 remaining, converting Thornton's pass from behind the net while Milan Lucic was off for slashing.

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crude briefly rises to premium over Brent as exports loom

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"The insurgents' mission is to convince the people that you're up against to go away and leave you alone."

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benchmark West Texas Intermediateprice drop to a discount of between $4-$6 a barrel to MiddleEast benchmark Dubai, the statement said, citing the refineries.

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Facewatch's Simon Gordon knows about the work, but says computers will be more useful in live settings; a bar could hardly pay a super-recogniser to sit by the door all day

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We will make them as carefully and consistently as we can

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A view of a coastal Pigcale village hit by Typhoon Melor, in Legazpi city, Albay province in the Philippines December 15, 2015

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Furthermore, Total has shared the lessons learned from this incident widely across the industry and with the authorities."

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“I’m his wife and I’ve been waiting all these years and now he’s coming home.”

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(AP Photo/Brennan Linsley, File)

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I feel teachers are in a similar situation x10

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They couldn't see the difference between them

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In the U.K., it was identified in salmonella infecting 10 people and in E

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If so the feature would have, from the users point of view, at least this advantage.

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The head of the opposition coalition, Jesus Torrealba, said the Socialist Party had filed a request to the Supreme Court that they prevent the lawmakers from taking office on Jan

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"Tourists don't come to Lofoten to see oil platforms in the midnight sun."

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Yehya Rasool, an Iraqi military spokesman

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For women older than 42, birth rates for all the cycles were less than 4 percent, the researchers found.

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New York City firefighter Robert Reeg said President Obama failed to deliver on his promise of swift and certain justice

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They form the US military's "nervous system", according to Singer, used for 80% of its communications

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Most toy drones under $100 won't weigh enough to qualify

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PC Gamer is the global authority on PC games

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Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc., still reeling from recent outbreaks of E

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With a daily BPA audited paid circulation of over 108,000, and an online audience of 3.5 million uniques every month, it is your go to source for information on the region

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Even smartphone pioneer BlackBerry may be forced to give up on hardware if sales of its latest model disappoint

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“The city received dozens of phone calls, and our Facebook and Twitter pages were blowing up about the firing.”

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The website is offering 10mg branded benzodiazepine pills in packets of 1,000

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The shape of a future government remains unclear

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The island is studded with standing stones and other monuments, evidence of human occupation in neolithic times

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Curry's 2-point attempts have held steady at 13.0

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government deems a level of more than 200 to be "very unhealthy".

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In spite of the declines, the overall birth rate in the U.S

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The researchers highlighted the fact that rates of conditions and their related disabilities are declining significantly more slowly than death rates

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MS is a chronic disease of the central nervous system, which causes a gradual degeneration of the nerves

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The following summer they beat Real Madrid to win the Copa del Rey

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