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Little Zailynn suffers from a severe form of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)

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Today: celery, a bit of shredded pumpkin and home-churned butter Papazoi's parents send from their village

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Frankly, the issue - and Labour's associated challenge - has caused a degree of evident discomfiture in Scottish Government ranks over the last day or so

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Reserve Bank of India Governor Raghuram also made an unusual appeal for tolerance, warning the economy would never reach its potential if debate is stifled

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The company’s mission is to advance the care of patients suffering from life-threatening diseases

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"We hope that other state attorney[s] general and the federal Department of Justice, and the Securities [and] Exchange Commission, will show similar fortitude."

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“I think he's taken advantage of things over there

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He returned to politics and was elected Ohio governor in 2010

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That points scientists towards other explanations for the matter/antimatter asymmetry

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It is only when we wore the masks that we started getting attention

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All four drugs work in a similar way to boost the immune system's ability to detect and fight tumour cells.

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Rather than propel themselves forward by pushing against the water, jellyfish and eels actually suck the water toward them.

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Cristiano Ronaldo: "For me it's hard to see that because it's a club that I love

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It declined to say how many cars in Europe were equippedwith the software, in response to emailed questions, but did notrule out the U.S

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If you have an item on your shopping list that is a specific brand or model, you might not want to risk waiting until the last minute to buy it

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I had friends and family who said, "Diana, you can't get through to him, just let him go, let him be." And I just couldn't - because when I did, I felt like I was lying to myself.

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Other restaurant chains have also made commitments to improve animal welfare in recent years as the public becomes more concerned with where their food comes from

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CR: "As I say many, many times, the future nobody knows

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Kevin Brady became chairman of the Ways and Means Committee Thursday after winning the approval of his fellow House Republicans as well as the backing of the chamber's new speaker.

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Also, if you see Type-C, but know the other end of the cable is Type-A, just toss it

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Boeing spokeswoman Kelly Kaplan said NASA notified the company of its decision Thursday morning

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However, they're just getting started, and the way they're playing will make them a much more dangerous team, no matter what last year's confusing results suggest.

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“We played them last year for most of the first half, but to play like we did, to shoot like we did was a credit to our guys

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Backers of a proposed initiative in California create a display of their concept at a news conference in San Diego, California November 4, 2015

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A year ago, the average 30-year mortgage rate was 4.02 percent, while the rate for 15-year loans was 3.21 percent.

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Yet for his inaugural speech, Carter chose to return his alma mater, Abingdon Senior High School in Philadelphia, to speak to teenage students

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The company struggled as it lost out on contracts to IBM and others before bringing in Bettencourt to replace Kramer as CEO last year

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Students and protesters gather at the "Free Speech Zone" located at the University of Colorado's Business Field as candidates gather across the street for a forum held by CNBC before the U.S

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And let's not forget that prices start at 449 - much cheaper than other current flagships

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There was no immediate response from the White House to the latest poll numbers

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Experts say women of normal weight should add 25 to 35 pounds

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Just like Uber and Airbnb have changed traditional industries, Skyuber's founders would like to give many more people access to flying.

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"It is critically important that pregnant women have an ultrasound examination before 12 weeks gestation to confirm twins, and to confirm whether or not both babies share one placenta

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It’s light — very light, actually — and almost forgettable at times when I was wearing it on my wrist

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The lack of economic incentives in the fee-for-service payment model has prevented physicians from seriously considering implementing such technologies in their practices