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This was a regulatory structure Congress had refused to authorize by statute and which at that time the merger was under consideration was being reviewed by the courts

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Matt Harvey navigated through innings-limit drama in his return from Tommy John surgery to propel the Mets to the World Series

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The teen and his school counselor began searching for answers, even running his information though the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s database.

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"We are still very much at the development stage, but we've shown that there are solutions to some of the tough problems associated with this technology."

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The unemployment rate is forecast at 5.1 percent.

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Nonbanks, including hedge funds, insurance companies,pension funds and securitization pools, often have stakes in theloans

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“These are young kids, a lot of them it’s the first time they’ve been on a college court

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Physical sales of "NBA 2K16", a basketball simulation game,ranked the highest on research firm NPD Group's top five gamesfor September

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"Since this tragic incident, we have worked closely with MSF to determine the facts surrounding it," he said in a statement, which did not address the report's specifics

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Nonbanks, including hedge funds, insurance companies,pension funds and securitization pools, often have stakes in theloans

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"While age is certainly a major risk factor, investment in research is imperative to fully understand this significant public health issue

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Benzema and another teammate on France's national team, Franck Ribery, were handed preliminary charges in 2010 for soliciting an underage prostitute

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Banks, investment firms, and insurance providers must protect sensitive customer and company data

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Police said Lee's father was involved in a gang and that the death was related to gang rivalry

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When you move your head, you’re prompted to “click to recenter” the clip, and view readjusts right with you

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In2013, it did not directly rule on the program'sconstitutionality but ordered a federal appeals court toscrutinize it more closely

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Candidates who were dinged for not being fast enough to solve problems, not having internships at ”strong’ companies and who took too long to finish their degree

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An indigenous man from Mexico performs a Mexican game known as La Batalla (hockey-like game using a fireball) during the first World Games for Indigenous Peoples in Palmas, Brazil, October 29, 2015

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McNair later withdrew his donation, saying the group misrepresented his views.

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“ISIL will seek to profit from any natural or economic resources available in the territory it controls,” a spokesperson for the U.S

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This information is not used by us for any other type of audience recording or monitoring.

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His first speech was expected to signal his new priorities as secretary of defense

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These received significant public attention after a September 2012 garment factory fire in Karachi killed 289 people, but were overshadowed less than half a year later, explains Ms

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military was on a complete kill mission.

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Promotion decisions will also be communicated toanalysts earlier in their first year.

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Dating back 116 years, the tradition of flying kites in the cemetery of Santiago Sacatepequez integrates the Catholic feast of All Saints with ancient Mayan practices of honoring the dead

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"It's readily apparent that that apology was warranted

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Former Wells Fargo & Co healthcare banker ShawnCross will join Deutsche Bank's healthcare group next Monday tohead biotechnology coverage, according to a person familiar withthe matter

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They claim to have uncovered systematic corruption within the Italian capital

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Congress to ratify the pact — crucial to its success — or reject it

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The digital currency is still up over 25 percent this week,however

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In the north are Houthis, who are Zaydi in their faith, a type of Shia Islam

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The "shared national credit review" covers loans made by atleast three or more federally regulated institutions, chieflybanks

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“He went on to build one of the world’s most iconic brands and companies which employs thousands of people,” the woman says

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Cunningham was waived by the Giants on Oct

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They were all Nobel Prize winners

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“I thought we had a shot to play with them, considering we have a lot of experienced guys coming back,” St

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The airline is negotiating with various staff groups as it tries to reduce costs

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Sedatives were placed in their food

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But in many respects it was Mourinho who started all of this

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And I don’t think it’d just disappear over the course of time to store that much grain.”

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Zhang, a pig breeder, instead of killing it, decided to keep the two-year-old "Big Precious" as pet when its weight reached 600 kg, according to local media

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Kennedy was the commanding officer of the patrol torpedo boat PT 109 that was rammed and sunk by a Japanese destroyer in August 1943 off the coast of Australia.

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(And, in a familiar vein, when she appears later in the episode to check on a now-well Hakeem, she finds him disinterested, yet again.)

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Sitting behind her desk, she rubs her aching hands and wrists

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That's why the work is called de-re-touch, it's a call to stop re-touching photos


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antitrustlaw, which is designed to stop mergers that would raise pricesfor consumers.

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